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Bio Cleaner Of Lactate

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Lactic acid ester reagent called the cleaner of lactate in English.Lactic acid is also called 2 - hydroxy propionic acid and propanol acid, its characteristic is containing hydroxyl group in the molecule, so has good hydrophilicity.Carboxylic acid esters generated more commonly is insoluble in water, but the lactic acid ester has certain solubility in water.Commonly used lactic acid ester cleaner is ethyl lactate, due to lactic acid ester can be formed by hydroxyl hydrogen bond between molecules, so is higher than the boiling point of general esters, commonly used lactic acid ester reagent boiling point range (145 ~ 190 degrees Celsius) in so although combustible, but has good security.Lactic acid ester cleaning agent can be mixed with many organic solvent free, it to oily dirt and water-soluble dirt has very good strength, but also for metals by cleaning the surface has good wetting ability, can make the surface after cleaning has the very good hydrophilicity.Lactic acid ester detergent with a small loss of use, good economy, had no adverse effect on material to be cleaned, non-toxic, the advantages of easy biodegradation, is a kind of new type of ODS solvent cleaner alternative cleaning agent.It is widely used in the electronics industry, such as used for all kinds of CD, LCD monitor, magnetic head, chips, circuit boards, modules, cleaning;Can also be used for optical lenses, printing plates, printing ink, metal cleaning.The cleaning method has a dip, spray washing, hand washing, combination of ultrasonic cleaning, etc.Lactic acid ester reagent defect is dry is poorer, therefore should be adopted in the drying process in isopropyl alcohol such as methanol or replacement.In Japan at present already with lactic acid ester detergent used by the distillation recycling system and combination cleaning device for cleaning system of complete sets of equipment.