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Polylactide Diol

Product name:Polylactide Diol

Product name(cn): 聚丙交酯二元醇

Brief: Polylactide Diol

Introduce: With polymer contatain two or three hydroxyl as the initiator,Esun's polylactide diol is ring opening polymerization from lactide monomer,its performance varies with the variety and dosage of initiator.



UV resin:

It is suitable for synthesis of  UV resin(for example,polyurethane acrylate etc), then used in the UV radiation curing coating, UV ink, UV glue, etc.


Water-based Coating:

Used in the synthesis of polyurethane dispersions, the polyurethane molecular weight distribution more uniform.


Polyurethane Elastomer And Thermoplastic Polyurethane:

It is usually used in elastomer, artificial leather, synthetic leather, TPU, etc.The elastomer made from PCL polyols has excellent wear resistance and higher strength, especially in the terms of hydrolysis resistance and aging resistance,it has more superior performance.