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100% biodegradable & disposable pet waste bag.

Product name:100% biodegradable & disposable pet waste bag.

Product name(cn): PLA全降解宠物粪便袋

Brief: PLA




100% biodegradable & disposable pet waste bag. are made of biodegradable materials. It’s Safety, hygiene, environmental protection, general used for cat and dog waste cleaning. Each bag is point-break and easy to pull. and you don't have to worry about your pet's excrement when you go out with your baby pet. Put the fully degraded pet manure bag in your hand and handle pet garbage with a gentle grasp. After discarding, the fully degraded material will not cause environmental pollution, everyone has the responsibility to care for the environment.


Normally specification: Single bag size: 9 * 13 inches * 0.015 mm, Single roll size: 3 * 6 cm.

Packaging size: 15pcs/ roll, 16 (20) rolls/boxes.